Commission Type List

- 29/07/2011
YOu can pay in any currency through paypal, just input the correct amount of dollars

Terms of Service

- 29/07/2011

Any questions about information not found in the TOS should be sent to elenawingstudio[at]

Methods of payment:

- Unless ordered at a convention or in person, all payments must be through paypal. This is to protect both myself and your well earned money.

- Please do not send payments as personal. Once again, this protects both of us, as paypal can ban accounts that are receiving money without paying paypal fees.

- You are not under obligation to cover paypal fees.

- You are entitled to request a receipt from myself if payment is paid in person.

When to pay:

- Sketches and any orders under $5/£5 require upfront payment

- Orders $6-$29 (£6-£29) are paid once the buyer has approved initial sketches

- Unless a payment plan has been agreed, commissions over $30/£30 require 50% at sketch stage and 50% when piece is finished

How to order a commission:

- Please send a note/pm or email me at elenawingstudio[at] with a general description of what you would like, no details are needed at this stage

- Example:

“Hello, I was wondering if I could get a coloured sketch of my rabbit fursona playing ball with his friend who is a fox?”

- I will then reply if I am able to do the commission. If so, I will then require you to provide reference pictures of the characters needed and any extra information. If no references are available, please describe as best you can, including colours and specific details that are important to include on the piece. Please note that clean reference pictures are preferred, but if none are available, then any references you have will be fine.
- Please be clear when describing posing. Changing poses at the end of the commission incurs extra charges (Please see ‘revisions and refunds’)

What you will receive:

- You will receive a large, resized uploaded version of your commission.
- Unless included with the order, requesting a print adds $2/£2. All commissions are available for prints.
- Reference sheet original files are included with order to allow for further printing if required by the commissioner.
- I retain the original file unless asked for by the commissioner. I reserve the right to charge extra for original files.
- Convention badges are cut, laminated and posted with a lanyard hole. Lanyards are not provided.

What I will/won’t do:

- I draw up to PG-13. Suggestive scenes are acceptable but there will be no genitalia, or highly adult situations (gore, excess blood etc.)

- Cartoon violence is acceptable (Anything made by the acme corporation is fine :P).

- I will not draw: Fetishes, anything related to minors, porn.

- I will draw: Pretty much anything else. I also love doing couple art! Don’t be afraid to ask if you are not sure if I will do something. I do not judge, and questions asked will be held in confidence.

- Expect extra charges if your character or overall image is highly detailed, or if a piece is needed for a close deadline. This will be brought up at initial stages, you will not be given extra charges once the image is finished.

- Even if you commission fanart, this will be interpreted through my own art style. Do NOT expect exact style copying.

- I reserve the right to refuse or cancel a commission at anytime for any reason.

Posting commissions:

- -Please ask ahead of time if you do not wish the commission to be uploaded or included in any of my portfolios.
- -You are allowed to post the commissions but you must ALWAYS credit me as the artist. Credits must include:
- My name: elenawing
- My website and/or email: elenawingstudio[at]
- I retain the rights to my images unless discussed prior to commission being completed. I can upload to my galleries, website, and offer it up for sale through portfolio CDs and books and any other merchandise.

- You may only reprint commissions for personal use. You may not make money off your commission, even if edited, unless rights have been discussed prior to commission completion. This includes examples such as mugs, t-shirts or badges.

- This is so any products that are seen in the wild are up to my standard of quality. My merchandise is a form of advertising and it must be a good example of my work.

Revisions and Refunds:

- You are eligible for free revisions if the commission is at sketch stage
- Full pose and/or character changes incur a 50% extra charge
- If changes are minor, you are entitled to 5 revisions
- After 5 revisions, each new revision is %10 of the commission price
- Full refunds are given if the commissioner cancels if only the sketch phase is completed
- 70% refunds are given if the commissioner cancels when inking is final
- 50% refunds are given if commissioner cancels when commission is coloured
- No refunds are available once commission is in final shading/effect-adding stages

Price Guides

- 21/02/2011